Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
- George Bernard Shaw

I am creating myself by joining people, perspectives, and places.

People, because the question is not "who am I?" but rather "who are we?"
Perspectives, because we are all remixes of values and beliefs, and
Places, because we should collect moments, not things.

Thinker. Choreographer. Creator.

Genuine conversations & iced americanos. If you didn't see me then you weren't on the dance floor.

TimTom Table

My twin brother and I co-pilots on a personal mission to inspire, to explore, and to live a little.

“Men and women wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold.
Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful.
Honour and recognition in case of success.” — Sir Ernest Shackleton